Call for papers

The Second edition of the International Conference on Data science and Informatics (ICDSI-2024) provide a platform for the academicians/ researchers and policy makers to come up for exchange of research findings, analysis, information, and knowledge in areas which include but are not limited to:

I. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

• Deep Learning
• Reinforcement Learning
• Transfer Learning
• Generative Models
• Bayesian Learning
• Explainable AI
• Ethical AI

II. Big Data Analytics and Technologies

• Distributed Systems for Big Data
• Scalable Data Storage Solutions
• Real-time Stream Processing
• Graph Analytics
• High-Performance Computing
• Data Warehousing

III. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

• Clustering and Classification Techniques
• Association Rule Mining
• Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
• Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction
• Anomaly Detection
• Sequential Pattern Mining

IV. Data Management and Integration

• Data Quality and Cleaning
• Metadata Management
• Data Integration and Fusion
• Data Governance and Compliance
• NoSQL and NewSQL Databases
• Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

V. Data Science and it's Applications

• Healthcare Informatics
• Financial Analytics
• Social Media and Web Analytics
• Smart Cities and Urban Informatics
• Environmental Data Science
• Industry-specific Applications (e.g., Retail, Manufacturing, Energy)
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