About ICDSI-2024

Data Science and Informatics are interconnected fields that revolve around the efficient handling and utilization of data to derive meaningful insights. Data Science, a specialized domain within this spectrum, employs statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and programming skills to extract patterns, trends, and knowledge from diverse datasets. It encompasses the entire data analysis pipeline, from data collection to visualization. On the other hand, Informatics is a broader field that integrates information technology with specific domains, such as healthcare, bioinformatics, and business. It focuses on designing and implementing information systems to manage, process, and communicate data effectively. Both Data Science and Informatics play a vital role in addressing contemporary challenges by providing the tools and methodologies needed to make informed decisions, drive innovations, and enhance various aspects of society, ranging from healthcare to business and beyond.
Data Science is a specialized field within the broader scope of Informatics. Data Science focuses on extracting insights from data using statistical and machine learning techniques, while Informatics encompasses a wider range of disciplines, applying information technology to manage and analyze data in various domains. Both fields play crucial roles in the modern era, contributing to advancements in technology, business, healthcare, and research. The 2nd International Conference on Data science and Informatics (ICDSI-2024) to be held during August 9th -10th, 2024 invites original papers from the academicians, researchers and industry practitioners across the world from the fields of Data Science and Informatics. The primary goal of ICDSI-2024 is to promote scientific research and developmental activities in the fields of Data Science and Informatics.
The Second edition of the International Conference on Data science and Informatics (ICDSI-2024) is being organized by Interscience Research Network (IRNet). ICDSI-2024 is going to take place at at IIMT, Bhubaneswar during August 9th -10th, 2024.

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